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Many times there's is a chances of TV remote sensor not working. The sensor can get damage at any time if it is accidentally fall in water or if it is drop from height. Replacing a sensor can be done from home without any extra costing searching for a mechanic store. All you have to do is you will required a soldering iron, soldering coil and paste to fixed the sensor. A TV remote sensor looks like a tiny led light. One can get all the tools from the electronic markets available in locality. After getting all the materials plug in the soldering iron in socket and turn on the switch board to start giving temperature of soldering iron. The soldering iron is a shock proof but one should not place your hand or else you will get skin burn due to high temperature. When the soldering iron started to heat up slightly place the tip of soldering coil on the paste and then place it again on the soldering iron tip to melt the coil. Now, place the new TV remote sensor on the circuit board of the remote in a correct position and slightly solder it to fixed. You can now install all the cover of the remote and try pressing the button after putting the cell battery of remote. To test the remote working or not one can also test it on Radio facing the remote at the Radio and also on different devices. If all the procedure were follow correctly, the TV remote should have work properly now.