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Smartphones storage becomes low and worried !!!

Smartphones has a lots of its features and accessibility, so it also consumed more storage which lead to low storage. You might be worried and thinking that should I sell off my old phone and get a new phone ? How do I find a customer to sell my old phone to makes some money and get new phone again., you don't really need a new phone when your phone shows a low storage. There are so many ways to solve the low storage problem. 

Why it is showing low storage ?😕😟

There are different types of smartphones available in the market but the functionality is same. There's also different types of app used in the smartphones and its operating software might be different with the products but the app that were install in the phone are having same features. The operating software with different products and brand of the smartphones are like the IOS and the Android. Although  the brand of the products is different from each but the functionality of the app that we used are same. For an example the IOS also has a WhatsApp app and for the Android also has the WhatsApp app. Both the phone are having the same features. So, the phone that we used has many apps running in the background which consumed power and storage. You might have seen a storage of 32 GB available at the times of newly purchase of a phone. But later on you realize that the storage is showing very low and that makes you irritate. The reason is that the app that were running in the background are continuously functioning all the activity like auto update and autosave of media in the gallery. Here, the autosave media means the photos or the videos that were share in the chatting app like the WhatsApp are all store in the phone gallery and that makes the storage low. There are some phones that can turn off autosave to prevent from autosaving in the gallery. But the storage will still get low because, the more media in the app, the more it consumed storage. 

How to clear the storage ?

Storage can be clear using a simple steps. Depending on the types of the phone you used, you have to go to setting and follow the steps accordingly. You can go to setting and look for a storage and check which app is using more storage and how much storage is left. If you find any app which seems to be consuming more storage, you can clear the data like deleting the chat history or clearing all the media that were store in the app. Now, after clearing the data check again the increase and decrease of the storage. You will able to notice the storage capacity increase after clearing the data. Besides this, there are also an app name Google Photos which can store unlimited of photos and videos in free of cost from the Google. The app is very useful for those who faced low storage in phone. With the used of Google Photos app the media like the photos and videos are automatically store on the cloud and can be access anytime again from anywhere with internet connectivity. There are two option to store the media which is in the original format and the high quality format. The two difference is that the original format in whatever size it has will be uploaded on the cloud but it is of limited storage and have to be extended its storage by paying fees for more storage like 1 TB or 2 TB. But in the high quality format, the original size will be reduce to the high quality format and upload it on the cloud unlimited in storage. There is not much difference in quality wise even if it is uploaded in the high quality format from the original size. The quality remain almost same and it is most recommended to use. So, after all the media are backup in the Google Photos app you can clear all the recent files from the phone media gallery. Now, the media is already backup on the cloud and after clearing the photos and videos from the phone, the storage capacity will increases more and you won't lack of any low storage again. In this way you can save your own money from spending for a new phone and you can continue to enjoy all the features that you love it again. 
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