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The common and widely used of an Operating System in the market is a Windows. Windows are the product of the Microsoft company and it is known for its branding and consistency in the products and services.

The Microsoft company has a different products which we used daily in our electronic device taken from smartphone to computer in its products and software. The widely used of a computer software or an Operating System in the market is the Windows Operating System. Though there are different branding in the computer and the hardware, but the use of the software is all dependent on the Operating System. Without the Operating System and the application, the computer and its hardware is just a machine. Thus, Operating System are the key role of the function of the computer. Many a times we come across a new computer without an Operating System that are brought from the market. The computer which does not have an Operating System install in it is said to be DOS. Here, DOS refers to Disk Operating System. In a DOS, the computer has to set up by installing an Operating System and the compatible software to run the computer and work on it. Several question come to mind that how can I install an Operating System in DOS computer. You can also install and Operating System of your choice from the store where you purchase or by your own. But to install the Operating System from the store, most of the times the technicians charge an extra hefty sum as their fees for the software. You can install the Operating System by yourself if you follow the steps given in this article. 

Steps to install Windows Operating System (OS)

  1. Download a bootable application name Rufus from the Google search and install it on the other computer. 
  2. Once install, download your choice of an Operating System like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 of anyone from  the option. Or you can also copy and paste from your friends computer if they have. Note that, the Operating System must be an ISO Image file and not the extracted file. Here, the extracted file will not works in the Rufus. 
  3. When the ISO image file of an Operating System is ready, Insert the USB drive like the Pen Drive or an external Hard Disk Drive (HDD) to a computer. Open the Rufus application and select the particular ISO Image file form the computer. 
  4. Once selected, click on the start button from the Rufus application and wait for the status of loading unless shows ready.
  5. When the status shows ready eject the Pen Drive or an external Hard Disk Drive (HDD) from the computer and now the bootable disk is ready to set up. 
  6. Now, shutdown your new computer and then insert the Pen Drive or an external Hard Disk Drive (HDD) whichever you have set up for bootable. 
  7. After inserting the drive to the computer USB port turn on the new computer and a flashing black screen will show press any key to install. Hit the enter key or any key from the keyboard and the installation will start automatically. 
  8. Choose a manual installation and slowly follow the instructions step wise to install correctly. 
  9. Since, the computer is a new format, therefore, a Disk Partition would be required at first installation of an Operating System. Here, the partition means, the disk location of the computer have to be divided into two or more accordingly at your choice. Always keep in mind that the default installing for any application and software will be the Drive (C). Apart from the Drive (C) you can make different partition of disk if the Disk Drive in the computer is having more storage. 
  10. After the installation process are done, the computer is ready to function. 
Note: Windows 10 comes with supportable wifi driver and drivers for shortcut keys from keyboard. But, different Operating System like the Windows 7 manually have to install different drivers from the websites. Example: If your computer is a Lenovo brand, you have to download a supportable drivers file from the Lenovo driver websites.