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A car battery can be drain out at anytime if the life of the battery is short. A car battery is automatically charge by the dynamo after the engine of the car start running.

Problem that lead to battery drain fast.
Depending on the climatic conditions the battery temperature also has an effect on it. During the rainy season, the battery can drain out very fast due to decreases of temperature. Likewise, the winter season also battery drain out so fast due to extreme cold climate. There is nothing to worry from any climatic changes if the battery is in good condition. An old battery drain out easily and its life also shorten by the climatic changes. Many might have faced such situation from battery drain out at home, parking or at a long drive when you cannot start the car engine on due to low battery. There's none to help out and no garage nearby to charge the battery.

Steps to start the car engine.
If you are on a slope road and facing downward front direction, you can start the car engine without any hassle. Firstly, you have to fully stop the car by controlling the brake pedal. Secondly, control the clutch pedal and turn on the key. Thirdly, change the gear and then put the gear into 2nd gear. Finally, release the brake pedal keep controlling the clutch pedal without releasing the clutch pedal unless the car move downward direction. After the car start moving downward direction release the clutch pedal immediately and accelerate the accelerator pedal and the car engine will start running. Soon as the car engine start running the battery will automatically start charging but may takes some time to fully charge the battery. Likewise, if the car direction is in reverse, the car engine can start by shifting to reverse gear by following the above steps.