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You are in an extreme hot summer and there is no Air Conditioner (AC) at your home and you realize that the speed of your ceiling fan is very slow and there is no proper sign of cooling. Weather in a place like Delhi is quite unbearable during summer season. You are not a techie and did not know the solution to fixed the problem. If you follow the steps wisely in this article, you can fixed the slow ceiling fan manually by yourself. To fixed the fan, you just need to walk into electronic store and buy the things that are required with a nominal price probably at a cost of Rs.40 to Rs.80.

Steps to fixed the ceiling fan capacitor

  1. Turn off all the power from the MCB switch and try to reach out the fan with the help of a ladder.
  2. Before you proceed further take a photo of the wire connection as it is before for your information.
  3. Now, you will find a cylinder shape which is called a capacitor
  4. With the help of the screw driver unscrew the capacitor with caution. 
  5. If there is an electronic store nearby, take the old capacitor and walk into the shop and ask for a new capacitor. The capacitor come in different Hz. You may also find the number of the Hz from your old capacitor. According to your requirement, the shopkeeper will provide the capacitor. The capacitor has a Hz like 50Hz/60Hz and many more variant. If you need more speed, they will also provide the capacitor which can increase more speed to your fan.
  6. After getting the new capacitor, with caution strip the wire of the capacitor and insert it under the screw hole. If you are confuse about the wire where to insert, have a look at the photo which you have click earlier and you will come to know again. In an electronic works, always remember that there is a positive "+" and negative "-" which one has to keep in mind. So, insert the wire accordingly in order to install correctly. 
  7. Now, after fixing the capacitor, remove the ladder and turn on the MCB again which you have turn it off earlier. You will now see the fan speed increases and you have fixed the slow ceiling fan by yourself.