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Oopss !! my Microtek inverter beep continuously. 


The Microtek inverter was a big known brand mostly used by the Indian consumers. It is highly recommended as the best inverter for a domestic home appliance. There can be certain technical problem faced after a years because, all things are man made and there is no such lifetime warranty for all the products. You will learn to fixed the fault after going through this article. Let's get right into it. 

Knowing the status of an indicator. 

First, try to find out the status of an indicator. You can find the indication on the front side of the inverter. If the battery is low, the indicator will show battery low with a beep sound. If the fuse of the inverter is blown, the indicator will show the fuse is having fault. If the main power is working or not the indicator will show accordingly. And if the inverter is overload, then also the indicator will show overload with a beep sound. Now, after going through all the status of an indicator, you will come to know what was the actual problem. 

Other problem not related to the above instruction. 

Sometimes, the problem might be different from manual fault status. The kind of fault like, your battery is fully charge but the inverter cannot load of its own. You have checked that main power was on and the indicator of mains also showing correctly. But, whenever you tried to switch on the ups power button, the inverter automatically turn off and cannot load the power. Again when you tried turning off the power button of the inverter, the power is on again and the power is just coming from the mains line and not from the inverter. In such situation, this article is for you and you can fixed the fault by yourself with a basic knowledge of unscrewing and screwing it back. 

Manual instruction to fixed the fault. 

You will required a screwdriver to unscrew the ups. Take a caution that before taking into any steps, be sure to turn off the mains power line from where the power supply is coming to inverter. You can also unplug the plug of the mains line from the socket. Also make sure to turn off the power button of the inverter while unscrewing the inverter. Soon as you remove the inverter cover of the upper portion you will notice the inverter module board with wire and small parts of it. For your safety, do not touch the module board with a naked hand. Instead always use only screwdriver to operate the board. There, you will see a small black color alarm buzzer which use to beep in anytime of fault occur in the inverter. Try finding a small white color adjustable kinda button near to the alarm buzzer or behind the alarm buzzer. Once you find the button slowly place the screwdriver on it and slowly rotate the button with a screwdriver and also on the inverter power button and the mains power line. You will notice the inverter try to load the power accordingly when you rotate the button with a screwdriver. Now, you have turn on the power button from the inverter and also turn on from the mains line and notice that the inverter did not turn off automatically after turning on the power button of the inverter. Accordingly set the rotating button and make sure that the inverter is okay to load the power. Now, as like before turn off all the power from the mains line and the inverter power button and screw it back the inverter cover. After screwing it back manually turn on all the mains power line and the inverter power button to check again. Now, try turning off only the mains power line of inverter and check that the inverter power button is on and it load automatically power from the inverter. And again when the mains line are turn on again, it automatically start charging from the mains again. Which means now, your inverter is working properly and you have done something and have fixed the fault of the inverter. 

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