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You might be driving on a road with your colleague or with a family members for a trip. The road was an isolated road where there is no local shop or workshop. The trip was a pleasant trip and so sudden your car tyre was puncture reluctantly. At such situation you had to fixed by yourself using your own practical knowledge. You are said to be lucky if your spare tyre was in good condition and ready to use at any emergency situation. But, you had to fixed the puncture tyre if the spare tyre was not readily kept. 

Guidelines and steps to fixed the puncture tyre. 

  1. Take a car jack and place at a proper position to lift the car and to remove the puncture tyre. 
  2. Before lifting up the car, firstly, loosen the car wheel screw with the wheel wrench until you can rotate the screw with your hand. 
  3. Now, after placing the jack on proper position lift up the car with the car jack until there is a gap between the tyre and the ground. 
  4. After lifting up the car, the tyre must be free from ground to remove fully from the wheel hub.
  5. Remove the wheel from the hub and then look for a hole or a nail on a tyre that caused puncture. If you are unable to locate the hole or a spot pour some water on the tyre around and look for a bubble or any air flowing out from a tyre.
  6. Soon after the spot or a hole is located, take the tools kit and get ready to repair.
  7. Remove any object like nail or a pieces of broken glass which caused puncture with a plier by pulling out of the tyre. 
  8. Take the insertion tools kit and spread the hole properly.
  9. If you have any car tyre inflator or a manual leg pump, fill the tyre minimum to 10 psi for a better results while inserting the strip.
  10. Now, take the puncture strip and put it on an insertion needle and insert inside the hole of a tyre forcefully. 
  11. After a deep insertion of the strip quickly pull out the insertion needle and let the strip stick properly inside the hole. Make sure, that the air doesn't have any leakage from the hole.
  12. If the strip is popping out much, shorten the strip by cutting with a scissor or a blade slightly and make sure you don't cut it too short. 
  13. Now, fill the tyre with an air inflator upto 30 psi or a lower than that and attached it back the tyre at a hub and tighten the screw with wrench again. Remove the car jack from the car and place everything in a tool box again. 
  14. Your car tyre is now ready to role back and keep continuing the pleasant trip again. 

The same method can be applied for a tubeless bike tyre. But for a bike you don't need a jack. All you need is the tyre inflator and a tyre puncture tool kit with a wrench.