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Replacing a watch battery is very easy and can be done by anyone from home if you have a basic knowledge about a watch and its function. All you need is to have a screw driver and an eye plucker to replace a watch battery. The watch battery is also called as button cell battery due to its size which is similar to the size of a shirt button. Depending on the types of the watches, all the watch battery might not be in same size. There are also different brand name of cell battery available in the market. The button cell watch battery can be purchase from the market and mostly available in a watch retailers. 

Steps to be taken while replacing the watch battery

Find a button cell battery from the market and then take a screw driver and get ready. With the screw driver try to pull out the rear cover of the watch and then slowly remove the cell with an eye plucker and place somewhere apart from the old battery not to mixed with the new battery. Now, with the help of plucker slowly place the new cell battery again in the watch. Make sure you have place the cell in a right position and the watch works properly. Make sure all the seal of water resistant are place again properly to prevent from any leakage. The rear cover of the watch are also different from types of watch and its brand. Some watch have to rotate in a clockwise to tighten and also loosen. Some watch have to pull it out and press it back and some have the screw for tightening and loosening. Depending on the types of its watch you have to adjust accordingly.