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💻 Battery percentage

Battery percentage on a Macbook Pro, Macbook Air or any latest version of it sometimes might face battery percentage status shown only 98 % or 99 % even after fully charged. 

There are old model and new model Mac computer existed in the market. Macintosh Operating System upgraded from times to times for its security reasons. Many of the users might have upgraded to the latest versions of the Operating System and some might not like to upgrade it. Upgrading of the latest versions of the Operating System improve the users security system as well as the health of the device and its durability. Depending on the old and new model the latest Operating System might not support in all the devices and therefore, some would like to keep using the default Operating System as per their choice and convenient. 

Caused of false battery percentage status
Battery percentage false status might be caused due to many reason which one cannot predict correctly at all. Some of the chances of the false battery percentage status might be due to continuous use of the computer without shutting down. Some might used the computer for a long duration and then put to sleep mode almost for a weeks. The other chances of battery false percentage caused might also be due to continuous charging and did not unplug the charger or did not turn it off even after fully charge. All such junk uses and activity can store in a RAM and caused such troubleshooting. Clearing such junk activities can be done in a tip of a finger without looking for a repair service center and wasting your own money. 

Solution to problem
You can solve the troubleshooting with just a simple way if you follow the steps correctly. You will have to fully shutdown your computer and then plug in your charger or an adapter and turn it on the switch of an adapter. Before turning on your computer, you will have to hold down the Shift + Ctrl + Alt from the keyboard at the same time and also press the Power button all of it together at the same time and release it together again immediately. You will notice a blink at the adapter port turning green and then back to yellow light. The indication of the light might not appear same to as it is written in the article. Because if your battery is fully charged it will shows a green indicator and you might not notice the yellow indicator. But if your battery is not fully charge, you will notice both the green indicator and yellow indicator at the same time when you follow the steps at fully shutdown mode. If the problems were not solve try repeating the procedure twice or thrice and also try shutting down the computer manually or put to sleep mode for a while. You can also try changes by increasing and decreasing the energy saver by going through the system preferences

The above steps is recommended only for a non-removable battery. A removable battery can try by removing the battery out of the computer and insert it back in the computer.