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How you can fixed DVR Hard Disk errors or Hard Disk not found in your CCTV DVR. 

To be honest I am not from a technical background, but whatever I have the idea, I would like to share it with all of the readers in my blog. I believe it will help someone at least something to fixed by own without calling any techie at home. 

Well, many times we often come across the name DVR but all might not know what does it meant. DVR which means Digital Video Recorder. It is the receiver which record all the footage of camera and store the footage in Hard Disk. We all knows about CCTV and its functionality. CCTV is widely used by everyone in home, office and street. Due to the security reasons it is used and meant for recording the footage. There are different types of brand and design when it talks about the CCTV and the DVR. But, my point here is not about the brand neither the design. I will explain how to fixed the DVR Hard Disk troubleshooting in a very simple ways. I hope the clue makes sense to you. 

Let's fixed the Hard Disk missing problem/Hard Disk not found in DVR etc.

I know that it could be a headache moment when you come to know your DVR has stopped recording by itself. At the moment one may not know what was the actual caused. You have checked that all the cable and usb connection likewise HDMI cable, LAN cable or power to DVR are all proper. But after checking out from the monitor on DVR setting, you have find that the Hard Disk status is showing error or missing. At such circumstances, one might think that the Hard Disk is damage, but it is not true. Chances or Hard Disk damage are very rare unless some weight or pressure is placed on the Hard Disk or if falls on ground. The very common problem that caused the Hard Disk missing or error in DVR is due to improper power supply from the power adapter. You cannot take for guaranty that the original power adapter cannot cause any problem when talk about the DVR. Even an original adapter that comes with the DVR at the times of purchase can caused such errors. The power supply that the DVR used in most cases are Alternating Current (AC) 110-240 Volt input. The output is Direct Current (DC) 12 Volt. Sometimes, due to the high input Volt of adapter can caused such fault. 

Comparison between two adapter that caused an error. 

For better understanding, I have placed an image of the two adapters that I have come across fixing my DVR. You will also see the difference between the two adapter regarding the input Volts and some slide increases and decreases of Ampere (A) in the output. The left side adapter with red color crossing sign was the original adapter that I bought at the time of purchase. And the right side adapter with a green color tick was the alternate adapter that I have. The left side adapter input was AC 110-240V whereas, the right side adapter input was 90-270V. The left side adapter has higher input AC and the right side adapter has lesser input AC. In my cases, I tried the right side adapter which has lesser input AC and in a moment my problem was solved. So, in most of the cases, the adapter can caused the problem. Try changing the adapter with a lesser input AC and higher input AC to detect the problem. And make sure that the DC jack is similar with the original jack in size. After trying with the alternate adapter, go back to DVR setting and check the Hard Disk option from the menu. If the Hard Disk can be seen in the setting, which means your problem is solved. Therefore, one can try this method and for sure your problem will be solved. 

I hope, with the above explanation, it makes sense to all.