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Team Viewer 

Team Viewer is an application widely used for remote access between two computers. The needs of a Team Viewer arise when one need a tech savvy to solve computer troubleshooting or a settings of a computer when one cannot resolve the problems. With the help of Team Viewer one can connect to another computer by entering the partner ID and password. Depending on the Operating System (OS), there are also different versions of the application available on the websites for free download. Below shown screenshot are the interface of the Team Viewer. 

Connectivity issue

Sometimes connectivity of the Team Viewer might face problem due to some reasons. No matter you are using a Mac computer or the Windows computer, you can connect the partner computer with the help of a Team Viewer. The problem occur in connectivity is like unable to connect the partner ID or the partner is using the higher version of the Team Viewer. In such cases, you don’t have to be panic because such issue can be resolve with very simple methods.  Sometimes, when your Operating System is a latest version and the partner Operating System is an old version, such reasons also caused connectivity problem. Because depending on the latest version of the Operating System, the Team Viewer application is also upgraded to a higher versions. Whereas, the old versions of the Operating System uses the lower version of the Team Viewer applications. Even if the Operating System of the Partner and your is not the same, it can still connect to another computer with Team Viewer. The connectivity problem with an Operating System is very rare. The only issue with the higher and lower version of an Operating System is at the time of an installation of a Team Viewer downloaded from a website. If the Operating System is an old version and the Team Viewer is the higher version, at that point of time the installation is automatically disable due to the changes of the version of the application and the Operating System. 

How to resolve connectivity problem

To resolve a Team Viewer connectivity problem is very simple. One have to keep in mind that what version of an application you are using and what version of the application the partner is using. An example of the Team Viewer application version are like version:9.0.43731. In some cases, you don’t really need to ask partner application version. You will come to know automatically when you tried to connect the partner Team Viewer after entering with the Partner ID and password. If there is issue with the connectivity which is related to application versions, the pop up screen will shows that the partner is using a higher versions of the Team Viewer. Whereas, again if the partner is using a lower version of the Team Viewer, the pop up screen will shows the partner is using a lower versions of the Team Viewer. In such cases, if the pop up screen shows the partner is using the higher version of the Team Viewer you will also have to upgrade your application to a higher version of the application to successfully connect with the partner ID. But in such situation, sometimes your Operating System is an old version, you cannot upgrade all the latest versions that are available due to Operating System and its supportability. In such situation, you can request the partner to downgrade the version of an application whatever your computer is supportable by downloading the similar version of the application. Because just to connect with the latest version of the Team Viewer one cannot format the computer Operating System and install the latest Operating System which is quite hassle to do it. Sometimes, even if the partner Team Viewer and your Team Viewer is of similar version and cannot connect even after partner ID and password were enter, try closing the Team Viewer application of your partner and your and reopen it. After reopening the application try entering the partner ID and password and connect it. With these steps, I hope the connectivity issue will resolve and will able to connect with the partner ID for remote access.