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Macbook Pro

Macbook is the finest laptop ever that almost everyone prefer to have when it talks about looks and its security features. Although the laptop is expensive than any other reasonable laptop. But when it compare about the security features provided by the Mac Operating System, it was highly secure for the users. The laptop comes in different size and shape of the body. The Operating System and its  own software or an application which is an integrated. Here integrated means, the software and the app that were used in the system was build with only for an Apple computer. The Operating System can be downloaded directly from the Macintosh server unlike the other Operating System. The Operating System was highly encrypted with a file vault. 

Macbook Pro noisy sound issue

We know that the Macbook was the best computer for a professional use with very silent without any noise from the computer. But we should also keep in mind that all things are man made and one cannot predict that the machine will never cause any problem. Depending on the usage, the computer will function accordingly. The computer is made in such a way that it is very sensitive and act accordingly sometimes on the climatic changes. During the summer climate, the computer heat up and due to which the cooling fan also speed up. Again during the winter, the climate was cold due to which the computer temperature becomes low and sometimes slight changes can be seen during restart. Apart from the Macbook, all other computer also has a heat up due to the usage of load in a computer. Very often you will see a Macbook makes strange noise like heat up sounds from the computer. Usually when the computer heat up due to heavy load, the computer cooling system try to make cool through cooling fan which makes noise. Likewise, the Macbook also makes noise and the cooling fan speed up when the computer temperature is heated with heavy load. But here the fan speed up noise should have come to slow down slowly after the heating is cool down. But the problem here is that you have notice the computer is not in any heavy load, neither you don’t open any browser or any App in the computer. Still the computer seems like to be heated and the fan makes so noisy which is never expected from a Macbook machine. Once I have also come across such issue and I was so depress with my computer and looking for any possibility solution from the internet. I also come across many suggestion from the internet like installing SMC fan control. I almost tried everything but it didn’t work for me. I also tried getting help from the Apple customer care services and tried SMC reset, but it still didn’t work for me. The noise was really irritating because soon as the computer is turn on, it started to sound very noisy like the computer was heated due to heavy load in the system. In fact the noise was much louder than the desktop PC in a silent room. 

Finally I solve the problem 

In a computer, the cooling fan was used to cool down the PC heating up from a processor temperature. So it is usual for any computer to speed up the speed of fan and then to normal again after the computer temperature comes down. But if the fan still keep on speeding up and makes noise as like temperature heating up, then there is something which needs to be fixed. In my cases, I unscrew the rear cover of the computer and have check the cooling fan. I have notice the fan has trouble after checking out thoroughly and deep cleaning. I purchased new cooling fan of Macbook Pro which is similar to the original one that I have displace it. The cooling fan can be purchase from offline and online as well. It is available from online at cheap price and also best in ratings. And soon as the new cooling fan is place in the computer, the strange noisy sound was over forever. After the new cooling fan was install, the computer cooling fan speed up only at the time of temperature is more. And it usually slow down again when the temperature cool down. The computer is now working fine and there is no more such noisy sound from the cooling fan.