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Google history

Google Chrome Browser is widely used all over the world. The browser is fast loading and convenient for the users to browse anything on the  internet. But when it comes to delete Google History, sometimes it did not wide off the Google Browsing History even after several attempt to delete. 

What are the causes ?

The Google Browsing History sometimes unable to delete from the browser is a common issue which is faced by the users. To make the explanation clear about the issue, let me come directly to the point. Here, the common causes is that, sometimes most of us did not want to completely turn it off or  shutdown computer from the power button. Therefore, usually we put it on a sleep mode for a longer period like an hours or a couple of days. And also the browser are never close for a long period. And then when one decided to delete Google Browsing History, one can notice that the Google History is unable to delete. So, such issue is caused when the computer is put to sleep for a longer period and the browser is also not close for a long time. 

How to delete Google History ?

In short Google Browsing History which are unable to delete even after several attempt can be delete in a simple steps. Firstly ensure to save the files which you are working in, and then close the browser completely as well. And then shutdown your computer or else restart the computer again. Now launch the browser again and try deleting the Google History. I am sure that the Google Browsing history must have delete completely now from the browser.