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How to fix ads.txt files 100% for Blogger

ads.txt files and its importance.

Recently Google Adsense new policy has changed to add ads.txt files as mandatory for the publishers and advertiser. The ads.txt files is to be added on root level of the domain of each sites. The advisable rules of ads.txt is to represent as an authorized digital sellers. The ads.txt files are not meant not only for the Blogger but it is common for all the Adsense users in Wordpress and others websites as well. Depend on the types of websites, the method of adding ads.txt files may differ from one another.  The ads.txt files is important because, unless it is fix, the ads and the revenue was impact and ads will no longer serve properly in the websites which may results in no earnings. Here, I will explain the method of adding ads.txt files and also fix the errors 100% only for the Blogger. The same method might be relevant to other websites if the steps was follow correctly. 

Notification shows no errors

Steps for adding ads.txt files in Blogger. 

Adsense interface shows that fix ads.txt files at one or more of your sites on the root level of the domain. Here, many often one have already added the ads.txt files to the root level of the domain, but the errors was never fix. To fix the errors, follow these steps correctly. 

For a Blogger, first login into the Adsense account and the Blogger sites as well at the same time with your registered email. Straight away you can download the ads.txt files form the pop up download link of ads.txt file notification. Once the download is completed, open the ads.txt files and edit the txt files by copy paste in notepad or anything in your system. The second steps is to click on the Adsense account settings and then copy the Publisher ID and then replace the ads.txt files which you have downloaded. In the ads.txt files replace the Pub with the Adsense Publisher ID and then save it for later use. Now, go to the Blogger sites and click on the settings. From the settings click on the search preferences and then click on the custom ads.txt edit option. Now, copy the ads.txt files which you have save and then paste it on the Blogger custom ads.txt blank index. Ensure to enable the custom ads.txt of the Blogger and then click save. Wait for a few days to solve the problem. Some might takes a couple of days or week to resolve the problem. But, I am pretty sure, the steps of adding ads.txt file was completed, but it will never go away the errors message from the Adsense interface unless the tricks was apply. So, if you are facing the same problem, these article is right for you.  

Errors was fixed

Steps to fix ads.txt files permanently. 

To fix these steps, firstly one have to follow the above steps correctly, "Steps for adding ads.txt files in Blogger”. Therefore, if you have already followed the above steps, these is the final steps to fix the issue 100% with surety. Login to your Adsense account and then just below the settings option click on the feedback. On clicking the feedback option a pop up tiny interface will open to describe your problem. In the blank index, write your query in short or in a sentences to describe your problem. There is an option to highlight the problem which you face by marking on the particular area as a means of screenshots. Ensure to check if anything is missing or not. After thorough checking click on the submit button and then the message will be sent to the concern team. One cannot predict how long it will take to resolve. But, it is expected that the matter will resolve soon and the errors will be fixed permanently. Once the errors is resolve, you will notice the notification bell icon on the top also shows all things caught up, which means no more error. You will also notice that the error message pop up every time on the top of the page was solve. 

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